Brian Brooke

Brian Brooke

Brian lives in the Derbyshire hills along with his husband and two St Bernard’s. He is passionate about food and cooking. Travelling a lot he is always looking at new possibilities with mixing different cooking methods, textures and ingredients.

Having had restaurants, a delicatessen, hotel and tea rooms he is acquainted with most aspects of cooking. An accomplished food stylist - he is aware of the finished product and also that we eat with our eyes too. He has worked on food packing shots, editorial and film and video too.

He’s worked with Marks and Spencer, Aldi, Morrison’s, Asda, The Happy Egg Company, Soreen, Dairy Crest, Fairfield Foods, Aga, Co – Op, Northern Foods, Benecol and Lea and Perrins to name a few.

Although dedicated and serious about the job in hand - has a sense of humour and always delivers on schedule. He has 30 years of experience and has a passion and energy for what he does and an eye for detail.

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